Types Of Table Saws | Why Do Woodcutters Need Them?

Table saws are like efficient and relentless workers as they can cut many wooden materials within moments, and their working time doesn’t have any limit; that means they can work non-stop for hours without any hindrance.

Surprisingly, there are various types of table saws on the market. Some of them are small used for small purposes, and on the other hand, some are heavier used to accomplish heavy-duty tasks. However, do you exactly know what types of table saws are there?

Don’t bother at all; in this article, I will tell you all about them. Let’s dive into the deep if you are interested.

Types Of Table Saws

You will have two types of table saws on the market. Both of them are efficient but have different techniques. They are:

  1. Portable table saw
  2. Stationary table saw
Types Of Table Saws

Portable Table Saw 

Portable table saws are easily movable, so you can carry them from one place to another without any hassle. Usually, manufacturers use aluminum and steel to construct them, and their weights are around 50 lbs.

Most table saws contain direct-drive motors that need fifteen amp and one hundred and twenty volts to run efficiently. These saws are divided into three distinctive categories:

  • Benchtop Table Saws: These table saws are suitable for DIYer and hobbyist projects, and being incredibly lightweight, you can move or set them conveniently anywhere in your workshops during the working sessions. And at the same time, they are not much expensive, and any woodworker can easily buy this affordable tool to increase the capacity of his workshop.
  • Compact Table Saws: If you compare these saws with the benchtop ones, you will easily find the outer differences between these two. Compact table saws are bigger and heavier than benchtop ones. And these saws contain a stand that helps you make a rip cut with stability.

Most of the woodworkers like the product for its sturdiness and durability. Fortunately, the manufacturers use cast iron to make the whole product, and in this way, it has been so solid. What can I say about the performance? It includes a universal motor that runs the blade so fast, and the sharp blade cuts things accurately and preciously.

  • Jobsite Table Saws: Jobsite table saw is a unique invention of the manufacturers. It’s also known as the contractor saw, and as it’s built thinking the demand of the workers, the manufacturers use high-quality construction materials to make it stable and durable. Surprisingly, it includes a rolling stand for easy mobility.

Because of great power and solid construction, this one is one of the most wanted table saws on the market. If you ask any tradesman or local carpenter what their favorite table saw is, they will undoubtedly tell about the Jobsite.

The internal parts are exceptionally made and belong to the high-quality category, and hence, you can use it for heavy-duty purposes.

Stationary Table Saws

Stationary table saws are enormous, and you cannot move them easily according to your wish because of their heavyweight. So what you need is to fix them in a place. Some machines of this category are more than 600 lbs.

Of course, there is nothing to worry about at all; two or three people are enough to move it from one place to another. These saws are heavier because woodworkers use them for heavy-duty purposes like cutting larger wooden sheets and the like.

However, like portable table saws, you will have three kinds of stationary ones:

  • Contractor Table Saws: I have already stated earlier that Jobsite saws are also known as contractors. It’s right, but this contractor is usually somewhat different from that one, so don’t be confused with differentiating them. These contractor table saws are also regarded as open-stand.

Contractor saws are larger and heavier in size – around 300 lbs and intended to use for larger purposes. In a sense, they are professional, so manufacturers have used an induction motor with it. Therefore, if you have a large workshop for doing more extensive works, you can own one and enjoy unlimited working pleasure.

  • Hybrid Table Saws: These are a combination of the cabinet and contractor saws specially made to compete with a contractor. That is why their motor size is the same, and they can do similar types of works. And the inner motor mount and cabinet stand are paired with. But you can differentiate them to examine the trunnion design.
  • Cabinet Table Saws: Cabinet table saws are the machines that every woodworker dreams about. Most of the professional factories and workshops include these saws for doing a variety of jobs. As they do heavy-duty jobs, manufacturers generally use solid and high-quality construction materials. So there is nothing to worry about the consistent performance and durability.


Table saws are good for doing heavy works. They can cut larger wooden sheets within moments. As there are different types of table saws out there, their capacity varies from machine to machine. So before purchasing one, you must think about what purposes you are going to use it.

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