Johnathan Brewer

Johnathan Brewer

Hello, I’m Jonathon, a professional woodworker and power tools salesperson. I’ve worked with top interior designers and architects of the city. With an experience of 11 years in this field, I can suggest the best tips for bigger DIYers. I help my friends and neighbors with their tools.

I specialize in restoring, repairing, designing, and decorating. There are even some great woodworking tactics that I’d love to share with you. With that information and suggestions, you can do really good professional work in a very short time.

Besides my professional experiences, I’ve also got the opportunity to participate in some of the biggest crafting competitions. Last year, I won second prize in the veneer work competition, which was a pretty good honor as a craftsman.

Before that, I also won the Uneeda woodworking competition, WorldSkills competition, and industry competition organized by the Wood industry. Initially, my interest in woodworking was just a hobby.

The more I’ve explored this craftworking world, the more it has become my dream job.