Table Saw Safety Tools – A Must Follow Guideline In 2023

Using a table saw is risky. Am I right? Yes, it’s run by electricity, so you may get shocked if any leakage or shortcircuit happens. And the blade it contains is so sharp that it can cut your fingers, hand, or any parts of your body within moments.

Moreover, kickbacks are the most dangerous things woodworkers usually often experience. Do you acknowledge that most of the accidents take place due to an unconscious mind? As a table saw user, you know the answer better than me.

However, it’s not like that you cannot avoid accidents or use the machine safely during the working sessions. Some table saw safety tools can help you better get out of them and work with the device comfortably. Hmm, that is why in this article, I will tell you about various types of table saw safety kits. I guarantee they must help you stay safe and feel easy at the end of the day.

Table Saw Safety Tools At A Glance

  • Safety Power Switch: I always recommend our customers to set up a safety power switch near their hands. The advantage of it is that you can quickly switch off the whole machine standing at your workplace whenever you face any unavoidable circumstance. Not only that, the switch will help you turn on and off the device without wasting much time.
  • Grip-Tite Featherboard: In the second place, you can think about the Grip-Tite Featherboard because this one is one of the best safety tools that always keep your fingers out of danger. It serves you like an additional pair of hands where your fingers will never reach. The kit remains in place but uses a highly strong magnet. That is why you need not worry much about the safety of your fingers.
  • TopSaver Kit: It’s not fair that you will only protect yourself; rather, you have to maintain the table properly; otherwise, it will get damaged over time. Hence, the necessity of a top saver kit that can remove rust within moments. Fortunately, it will take only 20 dollars to buy, and you will get a pair of disposable gloves, two disposable cloths, two non-woven abrasive pads, and an 80z—pump bottle with the package.
  • Power Twist Link-Belt: If you have V-belts, naturally, you experience extra stiffen and bumps as it loosens automatically after using for some days and even if you keep the machine off for a more extended period. But the power twist link-belt is not like that. The link it has spins freely and keeps the belt flexible. Moreover, being highly potent, it can absorb minor vibrations. As a result, your saw will sound sweet and performs smoothly without creating any hassle.
  • Mobile Base: Working in a small woodshop is problematic as you get minimal space there to move around. In that case, setting up a mobile base can be highly convenient to work with. Here you can move the wheel of your saw wherever and whenever you want. So setting up a mobile base can be an intelligent choice for you, remember.
  • Dust Collector: It will make your house dirty if you don’t use a dust collector with the saw due to the continuous falling of sawdust all around. Just buy one and fix it onto the saw’s base, and then finally, attach the cloth pouch you will have with the package. It will make your work more accessible than ever.


Table saw safety tools are suitable for keeping yourself and the machine safe. Applying some techniques will make everything easier, so why will you take extra pressure? Buy the table saw safety kits stated above as soon as possible if you don’t have them, and make your workshop a smarter one.

Don’t forget that your safety is the first thing as you have someone waiting for you at home. When you are safe, you can get opportunities to work further and earn more and more for your family. Remember, an accident is your whole life’s cry.

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