Ownership Demystified: Really Who Owns Ryobi Tools?

Are you in charge of all minor plumbing and carpentry work at your home? If yes, I’m pretty sure that you own at least one or two Ryobi power tools. Why am I making such a bold assumption? You may ask. Well, it’s because Ryobi tools are budget-friendly, user-friendly, and long-lasting.

But have you ever wondered who owns Ryobi tools? Is Ryobi an independent company or a branch company?

If you have come across this article, I’m sure you have pondered over these questions. How about we answer all of them for you? Sounds great, doesn’t it? Then why are you wasting any more time? Dive into the article already!

Introduction To Ryobi

Ryobi Limited or Ryobi is originally a Japanese manufacturing company. It started its journey in 1943 as a die-cast products seller.

Ryobi started manufacturing power tools in 1968. But currently, it is considered to be one of the largest and fast-growing brands. It now owns 12 manufacturing plants across six countries.

Ryobi also manufactures different components for the automobiles and electronics industry, along with power tools. With the innovative, pro-featured, and extensive product line, Ryobi has become a worldwide trusted brand.

Ryobi offers almost all features of a professional power tool within a user-friendly budget, making it even more approachable.

Who Manufactures Ryobi Tools?

Ryobi Limited is basically a Japanese-oriented company with a huge production line. It acts as an independent company for die castings, printing equipment, automobiles, and electronics components.

However, in 2000, Ryobi sold its power tools business to one of the top-ranking power tool brands, Techtronic Industries. Since then, Ryobi power tools are made by Techtronic Industries (TTi), but under the license of Ryobi Limited.

Ryobi And Its Parent Company

With hundreds of companies, the power tool industry seems vast. However, it is shockingly true that only 18 large companies mainly control the whole power tool business worldwide.

How is it possible? Let me explain a bit.

There’s a term called “Parent Company” in business. Living up to the name, these parent companies control multiple small companies. Generally, they don’t interfere with the internal matters of small companies. But they hold power to make crucial decisions for them.

For Ryobi tools, the parent company is Techtronic Industries Limited. They are the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for Ryobi. TTi is responsible for producing Ryobi power tools, hand tools, outdoor power equipment, etc.

TTi owns Ryobi’s power tools and accessories division in 6 different countries: the USA, UK, Australia, North America, Europe, and New Zealand. However, the brand runs under the license of Ryobi Limited.

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Where Are Ryobi Tools Made?

Ryobi Power tools have its branches in six countries with 12 manufacturing facilities. Previously, in the 1980s, Ryobi used to manufacture power tools and their accessories in their US plant.

Since their partnership with TTi, Ryobi’s main production house has been shifted to China. Currently, most of the power tools of Ryobi are made in China. Also, the manufacturing cost being cheaper in China plays a huge role in this matter.

The US and other manufacturing plants of Ryobi now only make related accessories for the power tools.

What Kind Of Tools Ryobi Makes?

Ryobi has a wide range of tools. Unlike other companies, it always brings new, innovative tools that are useful to consumers.

Let’s take a look at what kind of tools Ryobi produces-

  • Woodworking tools
  • Metalworking tools
  • Drills
  • Saws
  • Drivers
  • Compressor
  • Plumbing tools
  • Automotive tools
  • Electronic items
  • Printing equipment
  • Die casting products

Is Ryobi A Good Brand?

If you are looking for something that will last for a long time, comes with the latest features but at a budget-friendly price, Ryobi is the best choice for you. They are mainly known for providing professional quality tools at a reasonable price.

How to define if Ryobi is a good brand or not? Well, let’s see what advantages and disadvantages you can get from a Ryobi Power Tool.


  • Latest features
  • Perfect for both professional and home uses.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Long-lasting
  • Replaceable batteries are cheap


  • Batteries seem to die fast

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) For Who Owns Ryobi Tools?

Due to some confusion regarding the ownership of power tool brands, users often ask questions like “who owns Ryobi tools” “Is Ryobi made by Ridgid?” and so on.

We have listed some of those common questions below and tried to answer them to our best knowledge.

Question: Is Ryobi Made By Milwaukee?

Answer: No, it is not.
Ryobi and Milwaukee both are brands of TTi, a Chinese manufacturing company. It is the Original Equipment Manufacturer for both brands.

Question: Are Ryobi and Ridgid The Same Company?

Answer: No, they are not the same companies. However, they get their power tools manufactured by the same company, TTi.
TTi is the parent company for Ryobi. But Ridgid is a brand under Emerson. They just use TTi as their OEM to manufacture their products.

Question: Are Ryobi Tools Made In China?

Answer: Yes, currently, almost all Ryobi tools are made in china. It is mainly because of the cheap manufacturing cost in China.

Question: Does Home Depot Own Ryobi?

Answer: No, it doesn’t! Home Depot is the primary distributor of Ryobi. You can find all types of Ryobi power tools here. That’s why people often call Ryobi a Home Depot brand.

Question: Ryobi Vs. DeWalt: Which One is Better?

Answer: To be honest, both brands are great if we look from different angles. DeWalt focuses on making tools for rough, professional use. That’s why they are pretty costly.
On the other hand, Ryobi is famous for providing tools with the latest features at a lower price. Therefore, Ryobi is mainly used by DIY workers, homeworkers, and carpenters.

Final Words

Naturally, users have some confusion regarding the ownership of some famous tool brands because there are parent companies, partnerships, individual manufacturers, etc. So, If you were wondering who owns Ryobi tools, hopefully, you have got your answer by now.

Ryobi is a great brand for both professional and occasional use. We wish you a pleasant time with Ryobi tools.

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