Stihl 194t vs 201t – Everything About Their Comparison

Stihl 194t and 201t- the two most popular and reliable chainsaw models are hard to compare. Their mind-blowing performance and many unique features naturally make them a top pick to chainsaw users. Without the Stihl 194t vs 201t comparison, it is tough to take the right decision.  

Stihl 194t is good with its incredible engine capacity and weight balance. Their compensating carburetor and automated oiling system are enough to hold your attention. On the other hand, Stihl 201t has a side-access chain tensioner for user convenience and a special type of lever. 

Along with so many benefits, there are some drawbacks to both chainsaws. Both models have some limitations, though they aren’t severe. The fact is which limitations you’re ready to accept.

Comparison Chart: Stihl 194t vs 201t

Stihl 194t vs 201t

Let’s roll your eyes over this chart for a quick understanding of Stihl 194t vs 201t. 

Comparison topicStihl 194tStihl 201t
Engine power1.40 KW2.41 horsepower
Engine size31.8 cc1.94 cu. in.
Total weight3.30 KG8.16 lbs
Fuel tank capacity9.1 oz10.5 oz
Displacement31.8 cubic cm2.15 cu
Exceptional specificationSTIHL’s patented 2-MIX engineM-Tronic technology
Power head weight7.28 lbs8.16 lbs
Fuel consumptionLowHigh

Head to Head Comparison– Stihl 194t vs 201t

Stihl 194t vs 201t

Some major distinctions have arisen the necessity of comparing two chain models of the same manufacturer. Remember, only the top specifications are discussed here. 

Engine capability – 201t wins

Stihl 194t and 201t don’t come with a similar engine capability. While Stihl 194t has 1.40 KW power, that’s equivalent to 1.87 HP, the other model has 2.41 HP. The difference in engine output isn’t negligible here. Using a 1.87 HP engine, you can never expect the efficiency of 2.41 HP. 

Most importantly, their engine size isn’t similar. The Stihl 194t has a 31.8 cc engine. On the flip side, the Stihl 201t comes with a 1.94 cc  engine. The difference in engine size is a big factor for Stihl 194t’s engine capability. 

Weight – 194 wins

The exact weight of Stihl 194t is 7.28 lbs. If you consider Stihl 201t, its approximate weight is 8.16 lbs. The difference is neither big nor ignorable. Being a chainsaw chain user, you must know the plus points of owning a lightweight chain. 

Simultaneously, it’s also true that the heavyweight chain model is also useful for some purposes. A Stihl 201t has a vast area of application. The only downgrade is it’ll be difficult to sharpen. 

Fuel tank capacity -201t wins here

Both chainsaw chains are dominating the market with their high fuel tank capacity. The Stihl 194t comes with a 9.1 oz fuel tank capacity. Another comes with a 10.5 oz fuel tank capacity. Despite having a large capacity difference, their downtime is barely found. 

Proper lubrication and less oil consumption are ensured by both models. That’s why they’re capable of reducing bar oil consumption by up to 50%. But, the ramps, which control the flow of oil, are slightly improved in the case of the Stihl 201t. So, you can use the fuel from the Stihl 201t for a longer time.

Technology – 201 uses advanced tech

Stihl 194t and 201t have used a few “first time ever” technologies. Those technologies are making its use easy along with ensuring its longevity. Besides, this model has intelliCarb™ Compensating Carburetor. It helps to maintain the air/fuel ratio automatically. Even, the carburetor is capable of maintaining the correct rpm of the engine when it’s clogged. 

On the other hand, Stihl 201t is advanced with its adjustable automatic oiler. It makes the lubricant adjustment of the guide bar easier for new users. Another mysterious technology of Stihl 201t is its Master Control Lever™. It allows the easy starting of throttle lock and on-off switch. 

Ease-of-use – draw

As a part of the ease-of-use, purge pump primer is attached with the Stihl 194t model. This feature allows the user to prime the carburetor with fuel. Its design can’t flood the machine by priming the carburetor too many times. 

201t, on the contrary, comes with the Ematic™ Lubrication System for user convenience. Also, the side-access chain tensioner reduces the hassle of its user by adjusting the saw chain easily. 

However, the built-in carry ring comes with both models. This feature is slightly underrated, at least we think that. Its responsibility is to ensure ease to maneuver in and out of trees. 

Why should you pick 194t?

Stihl 194t review has both positive and negative aspects. Before purchasing it, let’s have a look at them. 

1. Master control lever

The Master Control Lever is a special type of single lever introduced by Stihl for the first time ever. This feature is helpful in operating the choke and starting the throttle lock. Also, it contributes to the on-off switch. It’s suggested to pull the throttle trigger before moving the Master Control Lever. 

2. Purge pump primer feature

This feature allows the user to prime the carburetor with fuel. As a result, the user can easily activate the chain. The purge pump primer is designed with high engineering technology. That’s why flooding the machine by priming the carburetor too many times is impossible. 

3. Top-quality carburetor

The IntelliCarb Compensating Carburetor is used here. It’s designed to automatically adjust the air/fuel ratio of the chainsaw. When the air filter is clogged, it helps to maintain the engine’s appropriate RPM. The carburetor system uses air from the clean side of the air filter. That’s why it can easily control the diaphragm and flow of fuel. 

4. Advanced lubricating system

The lubricating system of Stihl 194t is appreciable. It provides proper lubrication and less oil consumption. The system comes with two ramps that control the flow of oil and direct all lubrication. It’s capable of reducing bar oil consumption by up to 50%.

5. Side-access chain tensioner

The side-access chain tensioner is an underrated feature. It creates a convenient environment for the user to adjust the saw chain with a bar wrench.

Why shouldn’t you pick 194t?

  • Can’t cut large trees or perform dedicated trim works.
  • Inconvenient to control for inexperienced users. 

Why should you pick 201t?

Stihl 201t also comes with some enchanting sides. Besides, you should know about some of their downsides. 

1. Intelligent Engine Management

This chainsaw uses the M-Tronic™ (M) engine management system. It eliminates the low and high-speed carburetor adjustment screws. Besides, it compensates for the dirty air filters and changes in elevation. The fuel quality for optimum engine power is also ensured by this engine management system. 

2. Adjustable Automatic Oiler

Its adjustable automatic oiler technology allows the user to adjust the lubricant management. As a result, the guide bar and saw chain for different bar lengths and cutting conditions become easier.

3. Advanced chain stopping system

STIHL chainsaws come with the advanced chain stopping system. Its design reduces the risk of injury even if the kickback situation arises.

4. Built-in carry ring

This feature includes ease of use for the users. It makes it a convenient environment and easy to maneuver in and out of trees.

5. Top handle features

The top-handle model offers professionals a great user experience. Also, it helps to disappear user fatigue on a larger scale. 

Why shouldn’t you pick 201t?

  • Slightly expensive.
  • Lubricating system is similar to the Stihl 194t version.
Stihl 194t vs 201t


Now you have a clear idea of Stihl 194t vs 201t. Both models are rich with some advanced technologies. The model Stihl 194t has a master lever feature with an appreciating pump management system. Also, its side access chain tensioner attracts professional users.

On the flip side, Stihl 201t has an incredible engine management system. Performing various cutting styles becomes much easier with this model due to its fuel management system. Its advanced chain-stopping system can handle the kickback issue precisely.

Both models have different and dedicated implements for professionals. If you overall compare the models, then the Stihl 201t version stays ahead in the race.

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