3/8 vs .325 Chainsaw Chain- Know Their Odds

Chainsaw chains have a lot of varieties in their construction, especially in pitch. It’s hard to acquire pros and cons knowledge about the varieties. The 3/8 and .325 chainsaw chains are the most popular among woodworkers. By knowing about the 3/8 vs .325 chainsaw chain, you can get an overall conception.

Both chainsaw chains come with different pitch diameters. Also, they have differences in performance and longevity. Both can’t perform simultaneously on the same project.

Most importantly, they don’t hold sharpness for the same interval. Sharpening a higher pitch as well as a higher teeth chainsaw chain demands some extra time. The great news is both chainsaw chains don’t require any dedicated maintenance every day.

Comparison chart: 3/8 vs .325 chainsaw chain

Now, you’ll go through a deep comparison of chainsaw pitch 3/8 vs .325. Their comparison will help you to understand their specifications more perfectly.

Specifications⅜ chainsaw chain.325 chainsaw chain
PitchLarger distance between its drive links means a larger pitch.Slightly low means smaller pitch.
File diameterRequires 5/32 inches diameter.Requires using files of 3/16 inches diameter.
LongevityLong-lasting than a 0.325 chain.Isn’t much long-lasting as a ⅜ chain.
Working agility⅜ chain is lagging behind.0.325 chain is much more responsive.
Cutting teethHas higher cutting teeth.Isn’t large like ⅜ chain.

Why should you pick 3/8 chainsaw chains?

3/8 vs .325 Chainsaw Chain

There are some beneficial aspects of picking 3/8 chainsaw chains. Let’s have a look at them.

Highly durable

A 3/8 chainsaw chain is more durable than most other chainsaw chains. Perhaps, it’s because of their higher chain pitch. Higher chain pitch requires the chainsaw to apply to various tough woodworks. That’s why it’s ultimately sturdy enough and durable in the long run.

Expedient chain pitch

The chain pitch of a 3/8 chainsaw chain is expedient for versatile works. Due to its higher pitch, the chain teeth are also high. You can use it in dedicated woodworks without any problem.

Easy to sharpen

There is no trouble to sharpen a ⅜ chainsaw chain as it uses the common 5/32 inches diameter files. The file takes only a few minutes to sharpen the chain. Moreover, it can hold its sharpness for a long time.


●  Higher cutting teeth for versatile works

●  Durable factory-grade build quality for longevity

●  Lasts longer and doesn’t require deep maintenance

●  Larger pitch makes it versatile for various woodworks

●  Easily cope with the files of 5/32 inches diameter.


●  Slightly heavy and difficult to carry.

●  Takes extra time to perform wood cutting

Why should you pick a .325 chainsaw chain?

3/8 vs .325 Chainsaw Chain

A 0.325 chainsaw chain also comes with a bunch of beneficial aspects. Let’s check them out.


The best part of a 0.325 chainsaw chain is its lightweight convenience. It’s easy to hold for a long time, and easy to operate with an obtuse angle. Due to its optimum centre of gravity and compact dimension, it’s easy to transport.

Faster performance

If you’re a performance lover, then a 0.325 chainsaw won’t disappoint you. Its ultimate performance can finish your wood cutting project within the expected time. Most importantly, its performance rarely drops even after operating it for a long time.

Easy sharpening process

The sharpening process of a 0.325 chainsaw chain is much easier. It’s because of the lightweight and smaller teeth. However, their sharpness tends to disappear faster.


●  Lightweight advantage makes it highly portable

●  Good weight balance for easy maneuvering

●  Smaller teeth ensure the perfection of small woodworking projects

●  Easy to sharpen due to its lower cutting teeth

●  Requires smaller files to be sharpened


●  It could be more durable

●  Comparatively smaller cutting teeth can’t ensure cutting perfection

What is the difference between .325 and 3/8 chain – head to head comparison

3/8 vs .325 Chainsaw Chain

It’s a common interrogation – what is the difference between .325 and 3/8 chain? Well, their prime difference is in their size, performance, and teeth size. Also, ease of use and cutting time are big factors to distinguish.

A .325 saw chain comes with a smaller dimension than a ⅜ chainsaw chain. Therefore, it’s easy to hold and easy to operate. It also ensures less fatigue to the arm due to appreciable weight balance.

Besides, a .325 chain is also faster in performance. It can cut your desired item within a shorter time. On the flip side, a ⅜ chain requires a little bit of extra time to perform.

Above all, a ⅜ saw chain is extremely durable. Its factory-grade build quality ensures it runs in the long run. Even, its sharpness is way much longer-lasting than a .325 chainsaw chain.

A ⅜ or 0.375 chainsaw has a larger pitch than a 0.325 chainsaw chain. For this reason, they are constructed with higher cutting teeth. Almost every 3/8 chainsaw chain is powerful enough to cut woods. Due to their higher teeth, they require big-sized files to sharpen properly. So, what size file for a .325 chain? The round file diameter should be 5.2mm.

3/8 vs .325 Chainsaw Chain

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you know about some common questions as well as answers about chainsaw chains.

What’s better- a 0.325 or 3/8 chain?

If you’re looking for a durable and everyday-use chainsaw chain, a ⅜ chain is better. The .325 chainsaw chain is good for rapid performance. Also, it’s compact in size as well as easy to transport. A chain with square cornered teeth is the best pick and so, you should go for a ⅜ chain.

What pitch is a .324 chainsaw chain?

Pitch is determined by observing the distance between any three consecutive drive links. Then, divide it by two. Pitch can be expressed as either decimal or fraction. The pitch should be the chainsaw’s guide bar and drive sprocket. Otherwise, you’ll have trouble fitting on the guide bar appropriately.

Does pitch matter on a chainsaw chain?

Yes, pitch on a chainsaw chain matters. The drive sprocket requires being the same pitch as the chain. It also tells about the overall size of the chainsaw chain. If the chain pitch is larger, that means the chain is heavier and larger.

What is the correct file size for the 0.325 STIHL chain?

The correct file size for the 0.325 STIHL chain is 4.8mm x 200mm. There are specific designs of files for STIHL chains. Using an inappropriate chainsaw chain may not sharpen the chain properly. The larger pitch has higher cutting teeth. Therefore, they require a larger file to sharpen.

My two cents for you

Chainsaw chains aren’t easy to understand for professionals, let alone newbies. Their specifications are limited. Despite the limited specifications, it’s hard to explain for all types of chainsaw chain users. It’s because of their complex construction and calculation.

You’ve already known a lot about the 3/8 vs .325 chainsaw chain. Remember, both chainsaw chains are good in every aspect. They have sufficient durability, great performance, and outstanding working mechanism.

No instrument can be 100% perfect and so, the chainsaw chain can’t. The fact is which negative aspects you’re ready to accept. Once you’re clarified about your expectations, you can easily pick the right chain for you.

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